Tadoba-Andhari National Park

The Jewel of Vidharba


Tadoba's winters stretch from November to February where day temperature ranges between 25° to 30°C and the park is at its best in terms of vegetation. Summers are scorching hot in Tadoba as the temperature shots up to 47°C; however, it is the ideal time to sight mammals near water lakes as the vegetation is drys up which increases the visibility of the naked eye. The monsoon breaks in June with heavy rainfall of approx.1275 mm. and humidity is around 66%.


 Month  Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep  Oct  Nov  Dec
 Min.°C  13  15.5  19.7  24.3  27.9  26.2  23.7  23.5  23  20.2  15.1  12.3
 Max.°C  29  31.6  36.1  39.6  42.2  37  30.5  29.9  30.9  31.4  29.2  27.8


*Information Last Modified On: 01-Apr-2021

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