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Tadoba National Park, also known as the "Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve," is notable for being the oldest and largest National Park in Maharashtra. It is roughly 150 miles from Nagpur city and is located in the Chandrapur district of the state of Maharashtra. The Tadoba National Park, established in 1955, is included in the 1,727 sq. km. total area of the tiger reserve. The Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve was established in 1995 following the merger of the park and the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary, which was founded in 1986. The name "Tadoba" or "Taru," which is appreciated by the indigenous tribal people of this region, is the source of the word "Tadoba," and the word "Andhari" is derived from the Andhari river that flows inside the park. Safari at Tadoba Tiger Reserve is one of its kind experience to enjoy. 

The lush green forests of Tadoba and fascinating fauna are famous among nature lovers. In addition to a notable tiger population, Tadoba Wildlife Safari is home to a variety of other wild creatures, including wolves, bison, spotted deer, barking deer, chinkaras, sambars, hyenas, nilgais, langurs, and wild boars, to name a few. For those looking to view the "Royal Bengal Tiger," Tadoba Tiger Safari is well-known. Additionally, birdwatching and photography are popular pastimes in the bush. Every wildlife enthusiast should undoubtedly travel to this location to see the diverse species that inhabit the centre of this captivating national park. Which is the best time to visit Tadoba Andhari National park? November to February marks the best time to visit Tadoba but if you are majorly focused on tiger sightings the period from March onwards is the best time to visit the park.



Types of Safaries

  • Jeep Safari

Places to Visit

Vijaydurg Fort

The Oldest Fort on Sindhudurg Coast

Irai Dam

An Earth Fill Dam


A Town for Service

Visitor Tips


Park ticket bookings should be done 120 days in advance since the park tickets are limited. 


It is mandatory to carry ID cards for safaris. The ID needs to be the same as the one with which you booked your safari. 


Carry binoculars, a camera, and a bird book to identify birds to make your trip more fruitful. 


Wear comfortable walking shoes. Do check your shoes every time before wearing them to avoid scorpions and other creatures. 


Carry proper woollens in winters and an effective sunscreen in summers. 


Carry Hats/Caps and personal medicines (if any).


Wear muted forest colours like earthy greens or beiges and avoid perfumes and deodorants. 


The afternoon shift of Jeep Safari remains close for visitors every Wednesday. 


Morning & Afternoon both the shift remains close on Holi & Diwali festival.

Frequently Asked Questions

Summers are extremely hot and humid in Tadoba which makes it less pleasant to visit but this climate is favourable for tiger sightings. The mid of June marks the arrival of the monsoon which is the time when the park gates get closed till September.

The winters at Tadoba starts from December to February though the temperature still remains a bit warm and humid due to it being a tropical region. Tiger sightings are high during the month of May. So, the best time to visit Tadoba National Park is from March to May.


Tadoba National Park is connected to all the major cities across India through rail, road, and air. 

Nearby Airport: Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar airport, Nagpur

Nearby Railway Station: Chandrapur Railway station

Road: One can easily find a state transport facility or can take up their private vehicles to reach the park.


Boat ride:  The boating facility is available at the Irai lake as offered by the forest department. One can enjoy the pleasing view along with avifauna sightings such as Crested Pochard, Grey Heron, Stork Billed Kingfisher, and Cotton Goose, etc. The usual timings of boating are 7 am to 5 pm and the boating facility remains closed during the monsoon season. 

Wildlife Sightings: Tadoba offers opportunities to spot various animal species such as tigers, leopards, wild dogs, sloth bears and plenty of others that are inhabiting this forest. A jeep safari is the most popular way of sighting these species. It is accessible through Moharli gate, Khutwanda gate, and Kolara gate.

Birding: Tadoba lake and Kolsa river are the hotspots for bird watching. One can find a wide range of bird species around these water bodies. Tadoba lake is popular for White-eyed buzzards, Oriental honey buzzards and also paradise flycatchers, Indian rollers, Indian pitta and more. Also, it is not surprising to spot crocodiles and other species of the fauna around the lake.

Tadoba lake is approachable from the core gates and Irai river boating can be done from the buffer zone. It can also be reached from the outside of the park while enjoying the nature walk.

Night Safari: This is the latest edition to the activities in Tadoba. The night safari is available in the buffer zone starting from the Junona Gate and lasts for about 3 hours starting just after sunset. It is an adventurous way to sight different animal species such as leopards, tigers and more.


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