Satpura National Park

From Hills To Gorges To The Ravines and The Plains Of Churna

Safari Zones

Park Area
  • Total Area: 1339 sq km
  • Core Area: 794 sq km
  • Buffer Area: 2133 sq km


Safari Zone Names Core Zone Buffer Zone
  • Madhai
  • Panchmarhi
  • Churna
  • Parsapani
  • Jamanidev

Must-Visit Spots 

In The Park

  • Lagadha
  • Jhin Jhini Mehel
  • Chutkidev
  • Churna Day Safari


Safari Vehicle Permits
  • Madhai Zone- Only 30 vehicles are permitted to enter this core zone per day, including the morning and late afternoon drives. Ecotourism activities except vehicle safari include elephant ride, boat ride, canoeing and trekking.
  • Churna Zone-  Here tourists can take their own pollution-free, four-wheeled vehicle capable of going through the rough forest terrain.
  • Jamanidev, Parsapani- These buffer zones (near Madhai) of the tiger reserve can be visited through safaris by private vehicles. 14 vehicles in the morning and 14 in the afternoon are permitted to enter these zones.
  • Panchmarhi- This is a hill station containing waterfalls and some beautiful viewpoints, all of which can be reached by privately owned vehicles.
*Information Last Modified On: 30-Jul-2021

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