Sariska National Park

The Land That Successfully Relocated Tigers


The Climate of Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary can be described as extreme. 

Maximum Temperature – 490 C

Minimum Temperature – 40 C

Summers (mid-March to June)
The summers at  Sariska are very hot with an average temperature of 38.4 degrees centigrade. Max temperature goes up to 49 degrees. However, for those who are willing to tolerate the scorching heat of the sun, this is the best time to view animals.


Monsoons (July to September)
Sariska receives varying quantities of rainfall converting the arid landscape of the jungle to more luxuriant foliage. During monsoons, humidity increases making it difficult for outdoor tours. The temperatures do not see a drastic decline from summers, as there is not sufficient rainfall to reduce the temperatures.


Winters (October to mid-March)
The Winter Season is chilly with an average temperature of around 15 degrees. The minimum temperature can drop down to minus 2 degrees. Post monsoons October and November are pleasant with December and January being very cold.
Therefore, the travellers are recommended to carry light cotton clothes during the summer months and warm woollen clothes for the winters.


*Information Last Modified On: 13-Jul-2021

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