Rajaji National Park

An Abode For The Indian Elephants

Safari Zones

Park Area 820 sq km


Safari Tourism Zones
  • Chilla
  • Jhilmil
  • Motichur
  • Ranipur
  • Asarori
  • Mohand

Rajaji National park can be reached from 2 majors towns Haridwar city and Dehradun.

> The Zones connected to Haridwar are Chilla, Jhilmil, Motichur, Ranipur.

> The Zones connected to Dehradun are Asarori, Mohand.

> Note: Ranipur and Jhilmil zones are about 15 km from Haridwar city, while Chilla and Motichur are 12 and 9 km from Haridwar City. All four zones are in four different directions of the city.

> Hence, book your hotel according to your preference of the Safari zone you wish to visit.


Forest Rest House Available at Rajaji National  Park Name of Forest Rest House No. Of Rooms Name of Entry Gate
Dholkhand FRH 2 Mohand & Ranipur
Beribara FRH 2 Ranipur
Chilla FRH 5 Chilla
Kansrao FRH 2 Asharori & Motichur
Motichur FRH 2 Motichur
Phandowala FRH Asharori
Satyanarayan FRH 4  Haridwar-Dehradun Highway


* For booking a stay at the forest rest houses, please contact the forest department.




*Information Last Modified On: 02-Aug-2021

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