Rajaji National Park

An Abode For The Indian Elephants

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Book early help us to make arrangement properly.
  2. The sitting capacity of the Jeep is 6 persons at a time. No Sharing is allowed.
  3. Forest Rest House booking can be done only through Director Office, Dehradun by sending them fax or email, subject to availability or decision of director office.
  4. Rain effect: Some time due to unavoidable reasons like heavy rain (Pre-monsoon rain), the park gate specially Chilla gets closed. In these conditions you can try for other gates of Rajaji (like Motichur, Jhilmil, Ranipur etc) depend on situations or guests may come on another opening schedule of the prescribed gate as soon as open by the Forest department. Refund is not possible in this situation if the guest is not ready to avail of alternative solutions.
  5. Wear dull-coloured clothes like Khaki, olive green or grey. Bright clothes particularly white and red should be avoided.
  6. Maintain absolute silence during Jungle drive, in vehicles and on the watchtowers, otherwise, you may miss the chances of observing wildlife.
  7. Maintain a marginal Distance from the Wildlife and follow the guide's instructions carefully.
  8. No entry after sunset and before sunrise is permitted in the Park, Night driving is Strictly Prohibited in the Park.
  9. Do not throw or leave trash, litter, peels of fruit and polythene etc., carelessly.
  10. Rajaji National Park is a fire hazard area. Visitors are advised not to kindly lit any fire or throw away lit matches and cigarettes in the forest or on forest roads.
  11. Fishing is Prohibited within the National Park area.
  12. Do not attempt to feed the wild animals.
  13. Do not damage plant or animal life.
  14. Pets are not allowed in the Park.
  15. Playing of Audio/Video cassettes players and transistors in the park is not allowed.
  16. No firearms and nets are allowed in the park.
  17. Shouting, teasing or chasing animals is prohibited.
  18. Fast driving over 30 km/hr. and blowing horns is strictly prohibited.
*Information Last Modified On: 02-Aug-2021

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