Rajaji National Park

An Abode For The Indian Elephants

Quick Information

Operating Season

Rajaji National Park remains open for tourism from 15th November to 15th June every year.


Park Closed: 

The park remains closed from 16th June to 14th November every year due to heavy rainfall.


Operating Hour

Safari Time Entry Time Exit Time
Morning Safari 6:00 AM 9:00 AM
Evening Safari 3:00 PM 6:00 PM


The Safari Fees & Charges listed are symbolic only and the actual cost may differ at the time of booking.

The 3 main seasons in the Himalayan foothills are winters, summers, and monsoon. The best time for a safari or a bird watching trip is during winters, i.e. November to February when the days are pleasant where the temperature ranges between 12 - 25 degrees Celsius. However, during summers, i.e. April to June temperature rises rapidly to 38-40 degrees Celsius, however, the wildlife sighting is excellent during summers as the spot more animals around water holes. The rainfall increases with the occasional thunderstorm after June. Humidity is high in the rainy season, i.e. June to September, with over 750 mm of precipitation from July to August, and there is little temperature variation. Annual rainfall ranges from 1200-1500 mm.

Ideal Time to Visit the Park: From December to March. Beyond April, it is extremely hot here, however, for hardcore wild lifers this is the best time to view wildlife.

*Information Last Modified On: 02-Aug-2021

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