Kaziranga National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Safari Zones

Park Area 430 sq km


Safari Tourism Zones
  • Eastern range: Agoratali

  • Central Range: Kohora

  • Western Range: Bagori

  • Ghorakati Range: Burhapahar 


Zone Details:

  • Kohora Range: The Central Zone in the Kaziranga National Park is one of the core areas of the park and the preferred zone for a Jeep and Elephant ride. The probability of seeing Tiger, One-Horned-Rhinos, Wild buffalo and Swap Deer is high here.
  • Bagori Range: Bagori Ecotourism Range of the KNP is also known for best wildlife sighting. The zone has a magnificently beautiful landscape with an abundance of wildlife species and lush greenery. The presence of a water body (Pond) inside the Bagori attracts animals to quench their thrust. Most of the animals such as Rhino, Tiger and other species are easily sighted.
  • Agaratoli Range: Eastern side of the Kaziranga National Park along the national highway is Agaratoli Range. One Jeep Safari ride is permissible here. It is a noted zone for wildlife photographers.
  • Burapahar Range: Burapahar has located around 40 km from Central Range. The entry gate of this zone is located in the village of Ghorakati on the National Highway. It is known as Zone for Jeep Ride, Elephant Ride and Trekking.

*All the booking processes are fair and are solely decided by the forest officials. However, all the safari zones have a healthy and varied population of wildlife species and are best for wildlife sighting. The prime wild animals of Kaziranga forest like tigers, rhinos, elephants, wild buffalos, etc. are found equally in all the zones and their sightings are more or less the same in all zones. The entire processes of the online booking for the Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari are managed by the forest officials using the automated computerized system to ensure the fair distribution of safari vehicles and tourism activities in all the zones.

*Information Last Modified On: 14-Aug-2021

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