Kanha National Park

The Quintessential Indian Jungle

How To Reach

Kanha National Park is situated around the Mandla & Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh State in Central India. Kanha has excellent Air, Road & train connections from most parts of India. There are two key locations of Kanha National park, Khatia & Mukki Entrance gate. Khatia entrance gate falls on Mandla district & Mukki on Balaghat district of MP State. From the Khatia Entrance gate one can explore the Kisli, Kanha & Sarhi zones of Kanha national park & the Mukki entrance gate covers the Mukki range of the national park. Khatia Entrance gate is well connected with Jabalpur & Nagpur. Whereas, Mukki entrance gate is well connected with Jabalpur, Raipur & Nagpur.

Nearby Cities: Jabalpur, Nagpur, Balaghat, Mandla Distance:

  • 1. Jabalpur to Kanha via Mandla- 190 km/4 hours30minutes.
  • 2. Nagpur to Kanha via Balaghat- 214 km/ 5 hours 30 minutes.
  • 3. Balaghat to Kanha: 80 km/ 1 hour 40 minutes.
  • 4. Mandla to Kanha: 85kms/ 2 hours.

Nearest Airports: Jabalpur, and Raipur

 Flight Name  From  To  Departure  Arrival  Duration  Status
 Vistara  New Delhi  Raipur  6:40  8:20  1h 40m  Daily
 Indigo  New Delhi  Raipur  10:00  11:40  1h 40m  Daily
 Air India  New Delhi  Jabalpur  10:30  12:30  2h  Daily
 Spicejet  New Delhi  Jabalpur  5:45  7:45  2h  Daily
 Spicejet  Mumbai  Jabalpur  8:00  9:50  1h 50m  Daily
 Air India  Mumbai  Raipur  9:50  11:50  2h  Daily
 Indigo  Mumbai  Raipur  12:50  14:35  1h 45m  Daily


The Nearest Railway Stations: Jabalpur, Gondia, Raipur.

 Train No.  From  To  Departure  Arrival  Duration  Status
 02442  New Delhi  Gondia  15:25  7:05  15h 40m  On Tuesday & Saturday
 02182  New Delhi  Jabalpur  17:45  7:30  13h 45m  Daily
 02196  New Delhi  Jabalpur  14:33  7:55  17h 22m  Daily
 08478  New Delhi  Bilaspur  12:00  9:10  21h 10m  Daily
 09019  Mumbai  Raipur  20:35  14:15  17h 40m  On Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
 02282  Jaipur  Jabalpur  17:35  8:45  15h 10m  Daily
 02809  Mumbai  Raipur  21:10  16:20  19h 10m  Daily
 01061  Mumbai  Jabalpur  11:30  2:50  15h 20m  Daily
 02322  Mumbai  Jabalpur  22:15  13:40  15h 25m  Daily
 03202  Mumbai  Jabalpur  14:55  7:35  16h 40m  Daily
 02193  Mumbai  Pipariya  0:10  13:28  13h 18m  Daily

*Information Last Modified On: 08-Jun-2021

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