Jawai Conservation Reserve

The Leopards and Shepherds Country


The Summers between March to June are very hot with the mercury level rising up to 47 Degree Celsius. While Monsoons (July to September) offer medium rainfall. Winters (November to February) are quite cold with temperatures going down as low as 2 Degree Celsius in December and January. November and February are pleasant with slight cold in the mornings and evenings. Heavy woollens are advised during winter months and light cotton clothing is recommended during summers along with lots of sunscreens.

At Jawai Conservation Reserve there is no restriction for viewing wildlife at any time of the year. However, during summer, the weather is unbearably hot so resulting in decreased sightings, as leopards prefer staying hidden in their shelter. During the months of October, November and February, the weather is quite pleasant and one can see leopards for a long duration without any difficulty. The months of December and January are quite cold but one can not only see the elusive cat but also enjoy migratory birds in the waters of Jawai dam. Hence, the ideal time to visit Jawai is between October to February.

*Information Last Modified On: 19-Jul-2021

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