Gir National Park

The Only Home Of The Asiatic Lion

How To Reach

Gir National Park is located 65 kilometres southeast of the Junagarh district in Gujarat. It is only 40 km from Veraval. The main entrance to the park is located at Sasan Gir Village; this is where the park orientation centre and reception is located.

Additionally, there is Gir Interpretation Zone (GIZ), also called Devalia Safari Park is located at a distance of 12 kilometres west of the village at Devalia. It is a closed fenced area of approx. four square kilometres that have a variety of wildlife species including Asiatic Lions. A bus safari is conducted for 30-40 minutes of the tour. 

Flights from Delhi & Mumbai:

  Flight Name  From  To  Departure  Arrival  Duration  Status
 Indigo  New Delhi  Rajkot  10:30  12:35  2h 5m  Daily
 Air India  New Delhi  Rajkot  12:50  14:35  1h 45m  Daily
 Spicejet  New Delhi  Rajkot  6:00  8:55  2h 55m  Daily
 Air India   Mumbai  Diu  15:30  16:40  1h 10m  Daily
 Spicejet  Mumbai  Rajkot  6:40  8:00  1h 20m  Daily
 Indigo  Mumbai  Rajkot  10:30  11:45  1h 5m  Daily
 Spicejet  Mumbai  Porbandar  11:25  12:15  50m  Daily
 Spicejet  New Delhi  Porbandar  7:50  12:15  4h 25m  1h20 layover at Mumbai, daily
 Air India  New Delhi  Diu  10:40  16:40  6h  2h40m layover at Mumbai, daily

Trains from Delhi and Mumbai:

 Train No.  From  To  Departure  Arrival  Duration  Status
 09566  New Delhi  Rajkot  13:25  8:44  19h 19m  Only on Saturday
 09580  New Delhi  Rajkot  13:20  9:00  19h 40m  Only on Fridays
 09217  Mumbai  Junagadh  13:40  5:20  15h 40  Daily
 01088  Mumbai  Junagadh  22:35  14:28  15h 53m  Only onTuesday
 09231  Mumbai  Rajkot  23:10  10:06  10h 56m  Daily
 02945  Mumbai  Rajkot  21:05  9:35  12h 30m  Daily
 09217  Mumbai  Vereval  13:40  7:20  17h 40m  Daily

The Gir National Park is well connected to most of the major cities of Gujarat. If cabs and cars are not your things then there is also an availability of Private and State bus services of Gujarat. Distances to the major nearby cities are:

  • Ahmedabad: 410 km
  • Surat: 537 km
  • Rajkot: 160 km
  • Somnath: 50 km
  • Diu: 110 km
  • Statue of Unity: 468 km

*Information Last Modified On: 22-Jul-2021

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