Gir National Park

The Only Home Of The Asiatic Lion


The most suitable time to visit Gir National Park is from December to March. These months are the peak of tourism in Gir so you may have long waits for safari. Wildlife sightings are better between March to May in the scorching heat, as the animals can be easily sighted near the water bodies. Undoubtedly, Morning Jeep Safari is the best option when the lions are most active.

Month  Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug   Sep  Oct  Nov  Dec
 Minimum°C   14.9  16.2   19  21.8  24.5   25.6   24.7  24  23.1  21.3  19.3  16.4
 Maximum°C   28.7  31  35  37.4   36.1  32.4  28.7  28  29.4   32.9   32.2   29.7 
*Information Last Modified On: 22-Jul-2021

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