Dhudhwa Nationl Park

A Paradise For Nature Lovers

Safari Zones

Park Area 490 sq km


Tourism Zones Zone Name Description
Dudhwa Safari Zone The zone is a very popular tourist hub because of its abundant natural beauty and open grasslands. The nearest town is Palia Kalan
Sonaripur Safari Zone  It is the second gate of entry in Dudhwa. The area is famous for Rhino sightings.
Kishanpur Safari Zone This zone opened at the same time as Dudhwa. The nearest town is Mailani.
Chuka Safari Zone Also known as Pilibhit tiger reserve. The nearest town is Pilibhit.


Safari Vehicle Permit Around 80 to 85 gypsies enter the park throughout the day divided into Morning and Evening Safari.




*Information Last Modified On: 24-Jul-2021

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