Bandipur National Park

Located Between The Deccan Plateau and The Western Ghats

Rules & Guidelines

  1. The roads that run through Bandipur National Park are open daily from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m., year-round.
  2. Approach an animal too closely - respect their privacy (around 20 m away).
  3. During the monsoon season (July through October) safaris may not operate due to muddy, impassable roads, and wildlife sightings are minimal.
  4. Drive fast, nor off the designated road/trail.
  5. Make sudden movements
  6. Leave any litter in the park even if a basket is provided there. Take out the trash with you.
  7. Enter the park if under the influence of alcohol.
  8. Take babies, small children or pets.
  9. Play music or make noises to get a reaction from an animal.
  10. Use cell phones in the parks.
  11. Leave a spot if a large crowd is gathering and you have been there a while.
  12. Keep quiet. If you must speak, do so softly.
  13. Learn about park rules and abide by them e.g. Don’t get out of the vehicle except at designated places, don’t smoke.
  14. Interact with local guides; they can enhance your jungle experience.
  15. Listen to the noises of the jungle – give all your senses a treat.
  16. Do look beyond the megafauna – some of the smallest creatures can be the most fascinating.
  17. Carry binoculars and cameras.
*Information Last Modified On: 26-Jul-2021

Contact the Park


082292 36043