Bandhavgarh National Park

The Majestic Land of Tigers and Legends

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Visitors must remain in their vehicles unless in a designated area. 
  2. Abide all park rules and regulations, laid in notice boards, brochures, informed by safari guides.
  3. Obtain a valid permit, before visiting the national park, through a jungle safari drive.
  4. Remember that no part of the body may protrude from a window or sunroof or any other part of the vehicle. Vehicle doors should be closed at all times.
  5. Stick to the speed limit! All general rules of the road apply within the Panna National Park. The speed limit is 20 km/h. Please note that not all roads are accessible to vehicles. Hence, don’t leave the designated road trail. 
  6. Look at the gate times in your permit. You must exit the gate before these times. No travelling after these times is allowed. Gate times must be strictly adhered to and latecomers may be subject to a fine.
  7. The feeding or disturbing of animals is a serious offence. Remember, animals see litter as food!
  8. Respect the animal’s privacy. Maintain a distance of a minimum of 30 meters.
  9. Leave a spot if a large crowd is gathering and you have been there a while.
  10. Keep quiet. If you must speak, do so softly.
  11. Learn about park rules and abide by them e.g. Don’t get out of the vehicle except at designated places, don’t smoke
  12. Interact with local guides; they can enhance your jungle experience.
  13. Listen to the noises of the jungle – give all your senses a treat.
  14. Do look beyond the megafauna – some of the smallest creatures can be the most fascinating.
  15. Carry binoculars and cameras
  16. Smoking or drinking liquor is prohibited inside the park.
  17. No firearms are to be carried inside the park.
  18. Flash photography is prohibited.
  19. Avoid carrying a mobile phone as there is no network inside the park. However, if you still do, make sure to keep it on silent or on vibration mode.
  20. Always carry proper camera bags etc to protect the equipment from sudden showers, dust, etc.
  21. If you are carrying a big lens like a 400mm upwards or any prime lens for photography, do inform the resort in advance and ask for a bean bag.
  22. If any animal gets closer to the jeep do not try and touch it. Similarly, if proximity to an animal makes you uncomfortable, feel free to let the guide and driver know.
  23. Use only registered safari vehicles for any kind of safari drives
  24. Overtaking any safari vehicle is strictly prohibited and is also dangerous.
  25. Use of any polythene bags is strictly prohibited in the park.
  26. If we are on an elephant ride, then it is our duty to follow the instruction of Mahout.
  27. Don't remove any forest property.
  28. Pets are not allowed during safari drives.
  29. Obey all the instructions of the safari guide. The Safari guide is the supreme authority, during the safari drive.
  30. Do not blow the horn, while you are inside the national park area.
*Information Last Modified On: 14-Jul-2021

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