Bandhavgarh National Park

The Majestic Land of Tigers and Legends

About Park

Bandhavgarh National Park is situated in Madhya Pradesh's Umaria district's Vindhya Hills. It covers an area of 105 sq km and was established as a national park in 1968. The most notable hillock in the Umaria region gave rise to the name Bandhavgarh. A significant amount of biodiversity can be found in the Bandhavgarh region, which is also known for having India's greatest tiger population density. In a similar vein, the park is home to the greatest breeding population of leopards as well as several other deer species. The park has seen numerous rises in the population of the tiger species throughout the years, and this is the cause. The park is divided into three main areas called Tala, Magdi, and Bamera, with Tala attracting a majority of visitors due to its potential for tiger sightings. By increasing opportunities to see tigers in the Magdi Zone, the park authorities are also concentrating on that area. To boost the likelihood of viewing the elusive king of the jungle, elephant performances are also held in the Magdi zone of the Bandhavgarh national park.

The varied vegetation of Bandhavgarh National Park, which ranges from tall grasslands to dense Sal forests, makes it the ideal habitat for a wide variety of animals and birds. The Bandhavgarh national park offers many opportunities to witness the magnificent Indian tiger as well as some seldom seen creatures like the leopard and sloth bear due to its varied topography. It is growing in popularity among tourists visiting India due to the high animal viewing rates. Tourism in national parks has proliferated over the last decade and hoards of visitors and tourists are flooding the national parks of India such is the case with Bandhavgarh National Park. This place receives an annual rainfall of 1200mm and the temperature difference varies from 42 degrees to even 2 degrees. The best time to visit this peaceful park is from February to June. Amidst the safari rides and all the tiger spotting, you will also find yourself immersed in the beautiful landscape of the Vindhyachal mountain range. Bandhavgarh is named after the fort situated in the Umariya region of Bandhavgarh National Park, which is simply amazing but in ruins. There is another reason to visit Bandhavgarh, the best national park in Madhya Pradesh, is the hot air balloon safari. It is the first national park in India to introduce a hot air balloon safari in India. How many days do you need in Bandhavgarh? If you are planning on visiting Bandhavgarh it is safe to keep a window period of 7 days to experience the jungle safari. 


Types of Safaries

  • Jeep Safari

  • Canter Safari

  • Nature Walk

  • Elephant Safari

  • Hot Air Balloon Safari

  • Camping

  • Cycling Safari

Places to Visit

Shesh Shaiya

Statue of Lord Vishnu

Bandhavgarh Fort

The Oldest Indian Fort

Baghel Museum

Historic Museum of Rewa

Visitor Tips


Park ticket bookings should be done 120 days in advance since the park tickets are limited. 


It is mandatory to carry ID cards for safaris. The ID needs to be the same as the one with which you booked your safari. 


Carry binoculars, a camera, and a bird book for identifying birds and making your trip more fruitful. 


Wear comfortable walking shoes. Do check your shoes every time before wearing them to avoid scorpions and other creatures. 


Carry proper woollens in winters and an effective sunscreen in summers. 


Carry Hats/ Caps and personal medicines (if any). 


Wear muted forest colours like earthy greens or beiges and avoid perfumes and deodorants. 


The afternoon shift of Jeep Safari remains close for visitors every Wednesday. 


Both the morning and afternoon shift remains closed on Holi and Diwali festival.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The park is open for tourists from October till June. During the summers, the heat is unbeatable which makes it less popular amongst the tourists but winters are pleasant which is why most of the tourists visit the park during this season. 

In the monsoon season, the park remains closed. The months of March to May makes the best time to spot tigers and other wild animals at Bandhavgarh whereas the best time to visit the park is from November to March when the temperature is not at any extremes and is also favourable for wildlife sightings.


Bandhavgarh National Park is connected to the major cities across India via air, rail, and road.

Nearby Airport: Khajuraho Airport 

Nearby Railway Station:  Umaria and Katani Railway Station

Road: Since the park is well connected to other cities, one can easily get a bus or even a taxi to reach the park from major nearby places like Khajurao, Umaria, Jabalpur, and Katni.


Cycling: One can explore the beautiful jungles and peaceful villages around the park while pedalling. 

Village visits: For an intimate experience, a walk to the villages around the park is a must. The culture, traditions, indigenous tribes, and simplicity is nowhere to be found. Interactions with the locals will give an altogether different exposure to what one is missing out on. 

Dance to the local Baiga Music: The Baigas are the tribal community of central India and the real caretakers of nature. These people are knowledgeable and are aware of the medicinal and healing properties of various plants present in central India. You can interact with them and enjoy their local dance form.

*Information Last Modified On: 14-Jul-2021

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