Satpura Tiger Reserve (MP) receives Natwest Earth Heroes Award

Another notable achievement in the area of nature conservation has been added to the state of Madhya Pradesh. The Satpura Tiger Reserve was awarded for the best management by the Natwest Group Earth Heroes Award in the Earth Guardian category. The entire staff associated with the management of the park was congratulated by the forest Minister Kunwar Vijay Shah. A notable fact is that Satpura Tiger Reserve is now included in the list of potential World Heritage sites. The reserve is situated in the Hoshangabad district covering a total area of 2,130 sq km. It is one of the oldest forest wealth in the country, full of unparalleled natural beauty. The park is also a part of the Deccan Bio-Geographic Region and is carefully preserved.

The floral species of the Himalayan region and the Nilgiri forests are found here abundantly, which is why it is also named the Northern Ghats. A few species like Bamboo, Hisalu, insectivorous Ghatparni, and more are found both in the Himalayas and in Satpura. Likewise, red sandalwood is found in both the Western Ghats and Satpura. A medicinal plant, Cinchona, used in making malaria medicines, can also be found here in large quantities.

The park is believed to be the soul of the ecosystem in Central India. Some notable plants such as wild jasmine, acai vat, are not found anywhere else but Satpura. Apart from this, the park is famous for its tiger population. It is one of the famous breeding grounds for tigers of Central India. Satpura Tiger Reserve is the best example of the internal management of protected areas in the country. It alone accounts for around 17% of India's tiger population and 12% of tiger habitat. The park has the richest biodiversity in the country.