Top 5 Farm stays in India

The list of Best Farm Stays in India

Writer : Anupriya Sharma Published on : 08-Jun-2022

Discover the best Farm Stays in India for a refreshing break!

With agro-tourism gaining popularity, Farm Stays are also surfacing in India. Now the question is, what exactly is Agro-Tourism? Agro-tourism refers to people visiting working farms or other agricultural operations for the purpose of enjoyment, education, or other active involvement. Agro-tourism encompasses a wide variety of activities and provides a means for farmers to diversify and supplement their income. Such activities may include wildlife study, horseback riding, cannery tours, cooking classes, wine tasting, harvest festivals, barn dances, farm stays, guided tours, and petting zoos. 

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Farm stay (a homestay on a farm) is an authentic way to experience the rawness of villages, people and their culture. It is a remedy to de-stress and get relieved from the daily struggles of life. Being the second most highly populated nation in the world, India still is an incredible place to get regain the lost connection with nature and oneself. The concept of farm stay in India is all about experiencing life beyond the city lights. A farm stay culture does not necessarily involve getting dirty in the mud or doing farming for that matter. The modern method of farm staying involves luxury stay, cookery classes, detox packages, yoga sessions, and much more. Here is Find Your Safari guide to the top 5 farm stays in India:

  1. Maachli

Maachli is an exclusive farm stay/homestay in Maharashtra focused primarily on unfolding luxury in the laps of nature. It is an eco-friendly stay far away from urbanisation. This beautiful tropical vibe farm stay in India got its name from the word ‘Maachli’, a term for the huts made by farmers to protect their farms. 

Where the chirping of birds sounds better than blaring horns on streets or where getting immersed in multiple soothing activities such as yoga, meditation, art or be it an interaction with the host, all these are inclusive in your stay at Maachli, Maharashtra. Discover a life full of calmness and colours with your loved one, explore Maachli. 

Since the farm stay is located in a remote area of a village in Maharashtra, the place offers an authentic getaway vibe simultaneously offering the following things to do:

  • Plantation Tour
  • Visit the Grassland
  • Pottery Experience

Nearby places to cover whilst your stay at Maachli:

  • Bhogwe beach
  • Kille Nivati beach
  • Khavane beach
  • Backwater ride

Visit Maachli:

2. Farm of Happiness

An agro-eco tourism destination, Farm of Happiness or Aanandache Shet, is a farm stay in Konkan, India that follows a different approach to healthy living. The food here is grown organically rather naturally. How to live a farmer’s life? The Farm of Happiness is the answer. The stay is all about enjoying a Konkani traditionally designed house and joining hands in the farming activity. This beautiful farm stay is spread in an area of 20 acres and is a mix of a farm plus wilderness. 

Guests here are introduced to natural farming methods and are also enlightened on how to eat consciously (what to eat and from where it is coming from). Intrigued by questions such as Do watermelons grow on trees like mangoes or is cashew nut a fruit or a seed? The Farm of Happiness is the Wikipedia to all your questions. 

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Your stay at the Farm of Happiness will also look like an early morning trail with a top class bird show or a peaceful sleep on an open Machaan under the stars. Happiness is assured at the Farm of Happiness even if you may wish to be a naturist or just want to chill out in a hammock under the trees. 

Since the farm stay is surrounded by valleys and villages, it offers a great opportunity to indulge in the following outdoor activities:

  • Trekking
  • Fishing
  • Bird Watching
  • Fun rides such as cow rides and more
  • Star gazing

Nearby places to cover whilst your stay at the Farm of Happiness:

  • Ganapatipule
  • Thiba Palace
  • Marleshwar 

Visit Farm of Happiness:

3. The Goat Village

Managed by the green people, The Goat Village is a boutique farm and retreat with an initiative of having multiple social dimensions. The Green People is a community working with a blended approach that includes Eco-Tourism, Agro-Tourism and Rural-Tourism towards the economic development of rural India. The stay at The Goat Village is all about experiencing the basic lifestyle. Each of the accommodation locations is involved in goat farming plus other agro practices to provide a better living to the local people and for a first-hand experience to the tourist of life sciences. 

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How is the concept of The Goat Villages different from any other farm stay in India? All the efforts put in by the green people are directed towards bridging the gap between rural and urban India. A significant environmental, conservation, social and economic approach benefiting all the sectors of society is what the Green People strive for. 

The Goat Villages- Partner with our program

  • Partnership with the locales
  • Partner as Home stay owner

The Goat Villages- Guest programs

  • Pay what you like: Visit the place and evaluate the services
  • Be my guest manager: A self-actualisation tech detox sabbatical for 1 to 3 months
  • Volunteer program

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4. Vanilla Country

The Vanilla Country is a family boutique inn located in the rural countryside in the Vagamon valley, the western ghats. The Western Ghats is one of the eight biodiversity hotspots in the world. It is also a UNESCO recognised world heritage site consisting of a majority of the country’s fauna and flora inclusive of many species found explicitly in India. This amazing farm stay is a 75 years old Dutch style heritage bungalow full of plantations. 

The property offers an exclusive getaway from the monotonous life. The green hills and streams aptly justify the experience guests get during their stay. The food here is prepared with homegrown or locally sourced spices and other items ensuring hygiene and quality. Hospitality and experience is what sets the vanilla country apart from any other farm stay in the country. 

Places to see around The Vanilla Country:

  • Meenachil River 
  • Poonjar palace 
  • Ayyampara
  • Illikal Peak
  • Marmala Waterfalls
  • Vagamon
  • Uluppooni
  • Kuttikanam

The blissful abode offers multiple things to do whilst your stay at the property:

  • Swim in a series of natural rock 
  • Take a hike to the mountain top for a
    beautiful sunrise.
  • Go bird and butterfly watching
  • Explore some untouched nature trails

Visit The Vanilla Country:

5. Philipkutty Farm

Philipkutty Farm is an unmatched real Keralan farm stay in India where one can enjoy independent villas, separate from the host’s residence. A perfect spot to discover if you prefer friendly, cosy hideaways. Staying at Philipkutty Farm is the best way to enjoy a sterling Keralan life, of course in a captivating location. 


The property is a long back vision and inspiration of the late husband of Ms Anu. Presently, the farm is looked after by the family members of Ms Anu along with her mother-in-law. The waterfront villas are independent. The first villa is more like a traditional pattern, with antique décor, and adequate space for two members. It was designed by Karl Damscen, a Swiss Architect. The rest of the villas are somewhere along with the same decorative style but with a separate bedroom, living and a sit out space, facing the palm-fringed waterfront. All the other villas were designed by Thomas Dominic. 

Philipkutty Farm is a beautiful farm island that practices sustainable methods of farming. The working farm is 2 metres below the lake level (produces coconut, banana, fruits and vegetables). The journey to this amazing property starts with a ‘Vallam’ (country boat) that will take the guests to the farm stay. 

Activities to do whilst your stay at Philipkutty Farm:

  • Sunset cruise every evening on a vallam (country boat) out on the open backwaters. 
  • Take a canal cruise through the narrow, winding canals on a vallam or motor boat and catch a glimpse of the unique backwater villages and way of life. 
  • Bird sightings such as kingfishers, woodpeckers, egrets, cormorants, herons, coucals, snakebirds (darter), teal, and a wide range of both wetland, woodland and garden species. A trip to the local Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary can also be arranged, again at a small extra charge for transport and entry fees.
  • Learn the nuances of the local cuisine.
  • Go on an escorted farm walk with one of our family or staff and learn about farming below lake level as well as the different crops cultivated.

Visit Philipkutty Farm:


The catchiest thing about experiencing a Farm stay in India is the kind of exposure one gets in terms of the actuality of the rural ups and downs. There is no comparison between rural and urban living but definitely, there is a lot to discover and cherish on both sides. 

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