This Diwali Green Diwali

Eco Friendly Diwali 2022

Writer : Anupriya sharma Published on : 23-Oct-2022

Diwali is a celebration of lights celebrated in India that wishes everyone luck, joy, and success. The lit diyas must dispel the darkness of ignorance and poverty in addition to illuminating the environment. Diwali is India’s festival of lights and it is one of the major Hindu festivals celebrated on a mass scale. The past traditions of Diwali celebrations in India which included lighting diyas and enjoying homemade sweets have been replaced with lighting noisy fireworks and irresponsible behavior.

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How much we are able to comprehend and value the reality that we are drifting away from the true spirit of the festivity of light? Is celebrating unconsciously worth contributing to lesser future years?  Due to human negligence, the festival is unquestionably becoming into one of the biggest environmental issues.

Crackers contain hazardous materials like copper and cadmium, and as a result of weather changes, these particles/pollutions mix with fog to form smog, which in turn causes asthma attacks, bronchitis, and allergic rhinitis symptoms including runny nose and headaches. Smog makes things worse by keeping the harmful particles suspended in the air for a more extended period of time. Climate change and global warming are the by-products of the constant degradation of the environment. This year (2022), we have witnessed some serious unexpected climate change effects. It is past time for us as a society to acknowledge the issue and create a path toward creating a wholesome and balanced environment. With the Supreme Court's historic decision, an endeavor to control the city's ever-growing pollution problem, this year's Diwali was made even more conscious and lit. The majority is choosing an eco-friendly green Diwali after successful projects like water-free Holi and eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi. This Green Diwali is a way to observe the celebration while having the fewest negative effects on the environment. When loud firecrackers are set off, the pollution level in the nation increases to a dangerous level, making the elderly, children, and animals uncomfortable. With the rise in pollution levels, more health issues are documented. Understanding the significance and core of the Diwali festival celebration should be our fundamental and most significant act of humanity.

What is Green Diwali?

A green Diwali and safe Diwali is a way to celebrate the festival of lights while minimizing environmental harm, particularly from firecrackers.

Not only can the usage of firecrackers harm people's health, but it also contributes to pollution. During this season, many people have various pollution-related illnesses as a result of air pollution. With increasing pollution and climate change threats globally, its time to revisit our practices each year around festivals and otherwise whether we are looking forward to a brighter future or no future.  Eco-friendly Diwali celebrations do not mean any celebrations. Rather, it involves leveling up your enjoyment while being conscious of environmentally friendly practices.

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Why should we have a Green Diwali?

Diwali time in India is generally the most celebrated time of the year wherein the freshness of togetherness & brightness are exchanged. But let’s not forget how crucial it is to avoid negligence while enjoying. Below are a few facts on why should we have a Green Diwali every year.


  • Due to the toxic and harmful substances they carried, firecrackers are regarded as being dangerous to human health. Every year, there are more and more reports of kids getting mild to severe burns while popping crackers, sometimes even losing their eyesight.
  • Every year, reports of fires starting in stores and markets that store explosives cause property damage and human casualties. Babies, toddlers, pets, canines, cats, and birds are all startled by the noise of the firecrackers.
  • The environment must be saved above all else if we are to enjoy a Green Diwali. The air quality is negatively impacted by the harmful chemicals released by firecrackers, including sulfur dioxide (SO2), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), particulate matter (PM), and numerous metallic compounds. Pollution-free Diwali is the need of the hour. It is with consistent efforts toward combating pollution we can bring down the environmental deterioration rate.


 How do you celebrate Eco-friendly and a Happy Green Diwali?

  • Lighting up the home with earthen lamps or clay diyas

This year, celebrate eco-friendly Diwali with clay diyas or earthen lamps that use oil to produce light and are readily accessible in the market, rather than decorating your homes with plastic diyas, LED lights, or expensive candles. This Diwali time let us illuminate our homes & lives with a more conscious self. By doing this, you will support not just potters whose livelihood depends on the sale of these clay diyas but also the environment and electricity. The main benefit of utilizing traditional diyas is that they can be recycled and are biodegradable. Beautiful patterns and shapes are available for these clay lamps. Alternatively, you might paint them in vivid hues or classic patterns.


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  • Green Crackers

The Supreme Court has outlawed numerous different types of firecrackers due to the danger they pose to the environment and to people's health. These crackers release Nitrous Oxide into the air, which is then blown around by powerful winds. However, Diwali would be incomplete without fireworks, especially for young people. Therefore, many licensed companies have released green crackers in the market in an effort to maintain the bursting joy and tackle the issue of preserving the livelihood of individuals who depend on the cracker industry. They are safe for the environment and environmentally friendly. The health effects of the gases from these firecrackers are less severe. Examples of green crackers include pencils, flower pots, fireworks, maroons, bombs, chakkar, etc.

Have a happy green Diwali!


  • Rangoli making with Natural colors

Diwali celebrations include beautiful and vibrant rangoli designs, which not only enhance the celebratory atmosphere but also emphasize the significance of colors in the celebrations. However, the majority of the colors we used are composed of structured polymers, such as acid, mica, glass powder, alkalis, etc. Inhaling these compounds might be harmful because they are not biodegradable. One of the best green Diwali ideas is to choose organic or natural colors. Simple natural components like flowers, rice powder, cloves/cinnamon, turmeric, etc. are used to extract these colours. They are both biodegradable and not damaging to health.

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  • No plastic gift wrapping

Instead of using shiny plastic wrappers for your gifts this Diwali, consider wrapping them in your old sarees or other luxurious fabrics. Plastic is trash that cannot biodegrade and is bad for the environment. Use biodegradable bags in their place. By doing this, you can customize your gifts and protect the environment at the same time. For a more personalized appearance, you can also choose painted newspapers for your gifts. Let’s do eco-friendly Diwali gifting this year and more years to come.


Innovative ways to make a difference this Diwali 2022

It might seem hard to ditch the general Diwali celebrations but if you are somebody who is willing to do something out of the ordinary, we present to you innovative ways to make a difference this Diwali 2022.


  • Wildlife Safari

Did you know October is the time when National Parks resume their jungle safari in India? National Parks such as Ranthambore, Sariska, Tadoba, Jawai, and Jim Corbett witness a high tourist footfall to experience tiger safari. India has a rich bio-diversity. These protected areas in our country boast a wide range of fauna and flora species, a feast to the eye. While we spend a lot on other things and sometimes unnecessary ones, contributing towards the preservation of these real gems of our Nation is one step towards a green Diwali and conscious Diwali. The entry fee one pays at the park gate is used for maintenance. Additionally, if one is visiting another city it's always an option to explore. Village safari around these parks, trying local food, shop from the locals are a few ways one can light up a few lives this Diwali season.

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  • Sponsoring a Child’s Education

India’s festival of lights, Diwali, is a time when we all cleanse and decorate our homes. The goddess Laxmi is welcomed with positivity and happiness. It is truly said Diwali is a celebration for some and hope for others. In India, a good percentage of people struggle for shelter, food, and money. Where there is no awareness there is no life. Considering ourselves a few among the privileged ones we should definitely try and contribute towards brightening up others' life. Sponsoring a child’s education is one way one can make a difference here. To start with the children of helpers at our home.


Diwali is a major festival in India. The onset of Diwali is fun for a lot and a state of worry for survival for the rest. One planet one life is all we got here. Each year climate change activists and other officials are trying to bring forward the causes and effects of escalation in environmental degradation. Global warming and climate change are serious life-threating issues we all need to address collectively before it gets too late. Let this Diwali be an Eco-friendly and a Happy Green Diwali!