The Cost of Travel to a Wildlife Destination in India: Complete Cost Breakdown

Wildlife Travel cost in India

Writer : Pranav Dave Published on : 29-Apr-2022

The complete cost breakdown for travelling to Ranthambore National Park

Wildlife travelling is becoming popular day by day and people have been enquiring about the destinations to travel to, hotels to stay in, or what kinds of transportation to use? has found a way to answer all these questions in one simple blog, illustrating the complete cost breakdown of travelling to a destination. In this blog, we are going to cover Ranthambore National Park as the prototype because this park receives heavy tourism around the year. 

Distance to the National Park 

The first thing that you must see is the distance between your home and the National Park, which shall be roughly between 500-600 km. In this blog, we are taking the initiating city to be Udaipur, from where Ranthambore is exactly, 460 km. This is for Indian travellers coming from south India, North India, or East India, the city where you shall harbour is Jaipur. The foreigners, who are travelling should also pick the connecting point to reach Ranthambore as Jaipur. 

Options of Transportation 

Once you have known the cost breakdown of distance travel from your home place to the park, we must figure out the mode of transportation to reach the destination. There can be all 3-transportation available because Jaipur is the connection point, Train, Airport, and Road transportation are available easily. Here is the cost breakdown for all the travel terrains:

The mode of transportation is convenient as well but the cost of hiring a taxi is around 11/- per Kms so according to the distance of 393 Kms, it shall be around 4,323/-. The options of transportation work all with the urgency of reaching or leisure of visiting.

(Image credits: Travel To Rajasthan)

The Accommodation Hiccup

Accommodation is the central expense of your journey that can topple the budget in an instance, well if you have considered travelling to a wildlife destination then you shall forget about the budget because accommodation in or around the wildlife sanctuaries is expensive because they cater to your need well enough. Every time, before we plan the trip for our clients, we make a list of potential properties that the client would love to stay in, hence the number of properties would be 4-5. 

We have divided the class of hotels and their prices in the table below so you get the idea, of where shall you go.

We have brought to your attention all the different types of hotels and resorts that are available near the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. Generally, we decide which property is best for our guests beforehand as we pre-plan the entire journey. It is a cost breakdown to show you, what exactly is the expense cover of your accommodation. 

(Khem Villas)

Safari Surfing 

The next step comes in the reason why you went in the first place, the Safari. Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary or any other National Park in the country offers various safari options per the need of terrain and the choice of tourists. Safaris can be done on a sharing basis as well but generally, people do not mix up with others, to limit their adventure. Here is the list of types of Safaris and how much each cost.

The safaris at Ranthambore National Park are well equipped and often take you to the invincible Tiger spotting or other wildlife spotting, which is remarkable. These prices are altogether the same throughout the year, but they increase or decrease, based on how close to your journey are you booking safaris or how early you are booking the Safari. 

Going Back 

The journey at wildlife parks can be overwhelming and exciting but it sure is to make you come back for the next time. The end is just like the beginning as the same way you came to the Ranthambore National Park, you shall go back with the same transportation. The cost will remain the same unless you choose to change your journey course and wander around in a different direction. 

The Complete Breakdown 

Although, we have given you a complete major price breakdown of a trip to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, here is the complete inclusive price chart of your journey to any National Park.

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