Places to visit during Monsoon in India 2022

Destinations to cover in North India in Monsoon

Writer : Anupriya Sharma Published on : 17-Jul-2022

July marks the onset of the Monsoon in India. It is that time of the year when people are ignited with the urge to travel & have a good time with their loved ones or otherwise. Embracing monsoon in India in one way is to pack your bags and head to exploration. Since July is generally an off-tourist season, many adventurous souls & travellers hit the road to discover the best places to visit in India and enjoy the bounties of nature. While some people enjoy the long curl in bed with a hot cup of tea, others enjoy staying outdoors. There is no better place to enjoy the monsoon season in India than unfolding North India tourists’ places to visit. We bring to you the top 6 places to visit in North India in Monsoon 2022 to relax and recharge. 

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1. Tirthan Valley (Himachal’s secret room)

An offbeat destination in North India, Tirthan Valley is an adventurous getaway located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. Tirthan Valley derived its name from the Tirthan river, whose origin is from the icy cold glacial springs of Hanskund, a snow-covered peak in the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP). This quiet valley is ideal for multiple outdoor activities such as trekking, wildlife spotting, fishing, and discovering hidden villages which is why it is among the most liked places to visit in North India by tourists. One can also enjoy doing nothing amidst the pine trees in the valley. 

What to expect as a tourist?

  • Cloud kissed mountains
  • Serene Serolsar Lake
  • Hidden waterfalls
  • Village exploration
  • Beautiful Parashar Lake
  • Temples & traditions
  • Camping under the stars
  • Architectural beauty
  • Mesmerizing meadows
  • Riverside relaxation

Location: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

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2. Parvati Valley

One of the popular places to visit in North India by Indian and International tourists, Parvati Valley is a heartthrob located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. Famous for its music festivals, hippie cafes, stunning scenery, tall Himalayan peaks, lush forests, streams and much more, this popular place to visit in the rainy season is difficult to escape. Tourists also enjoy various adventure activities such as trekking, camping, rock climbing and more.  Here is a round-up of the best hill stations to visit in Parvati Valley (Himachal Pradesh):

  • Grahan
  • Kasol
  • Tosh
  • Chalal
  • Kheerganga
  • Manikaran
  • Kutla
  • Malana

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3. Kashmir (Heaven on Earth)

If you are looking for a timeless beauty of a moment, Kashmir tops the chart of places to visit during monsoon in  North India. It is a famous picturesque valley and amongst must visit places in India with friends, family or solo. The green meadows, photogenic mountains, and serene lakes collectively make Kashmir a paradise to discover for at least a lifetime. The breathtaking views of Kashmir on top of culture, food, Kahwa Chai, and people add up to Kashmir being the ‘Heaven on Earth. Live the experience that is worth a thousand memories by discovering the best place to go for a holiday in North India

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4. Kaza

Kaza is a beautiful town of Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh and holds a special spot in places to visit in North India in July. Both rugged-like appearance and the snow-covered mountains, Kaza, is the capital town of Spiti Valley and shares borders with Tibet. This magical place also has World’s highest petrol bunk. Another major fact about Kaza is that vegetables like potatoes can be grown in harsh weather conditions despite the temperatures dropping down to minus 40 degrees Celsius. Kaza is the last point before entering the Manali-Leh highway. A journey in Kaza is a dream full of adventure and peace. Here is the list of things to do in Kaza, Himachal Pradesh: 

  • Star gazing
  • Visit the monasteries
  • River rafting in the Spiti river
  • Camping
  • Take a stroll in the villages
  • Riverside chilling
  • Visiting the Mummy village

and more.

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5. Leh (Julley from Leh!)

Leh is a paradise for every roadie who wishes to conquer great heights in India. Exploring Leh, one of the best places to visit in North India, is an epic journey full of adventure, fun, tranquillity and beauty. Nothing can beat the trails and landscapes of Leh Ladakh. The place is a blend of Indian and Tibetan beauty full of monasteries and characteristics of Tibet. Leh Ladakh is the stuff of a dream full of magical skies, dead drop silence, bright rainbows and glistening lakes. Experiences to look forward to when in Leh Ladakh:

  • Monastries
  • Chaddar Ice Trek
  • Stupa in Changspa

and more.

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6. Guptkashi

A spiritual site in Uttarakhand, Guptkashi lies en route to Kedarnath, nestled in the Mandakini River valley that has an abundance of magnolia flowers (Champak). Guptkashi comes under famous places to visit in Uttarakhand that is both spiritual and a paradise. Vishwanath temple and Ardhnarishwar temple are a few prominent holy spots for tourists. These are dedicated to Lord Shiva. Manikarnika is another famous tourist destination in Uttarakhand where streams of the river Ganga & Yamuna meet. Tourists can also avail of chopper services to Kedarnath from Phata, just 14 km away from Guptkashi.

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There are plenty of July places to visit in North India but nothing can beat the experience of a hill station. Pack your bags and gear up for an adventurous July in India. Just make sure you do bookings in advance to avail the best deals on Himachal, Uttarakhand, Kashmir & Leh and Ladakh tour packages. 

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