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Best tiger safari parks in India

Writer : Pranav Dave Published on : 27-Oct-2022

In the green heart of India- Madhya Pradesh is the home of over 50 types of mammals and over 200 species of birds. In the Indian kingdom of wildlife and nature, the golden-most treasures stay secured in the 12 wildlife sanctuaries in MP. The state is famous for its Tiger national parks and the best Tiger Safaris in India. The extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna here is a great attraction for wildlife enthusiasts worldwide. 

One of India's six incredible wildlife spots in India, according to the National Geographic channel, is "Satpura national park." All of these parks offer the thrilling experience of "Wildlife safaris." These safaris help visitors view the animals in their raw and natural habitat.  

Among all these breathtaking sanctuaries and wildlife safaris in India, here are some of the best options: -

●    Bandhavgarh national park- This national park is located in the Umaria district of MP. This lush park of Bandhavgarh is famous for the world's most ferocious and magnificent creatures – the Royal Bengal Tigers and the unique white tigers. It consists, of 22 mammals and 250 species of birds, including Bengal foxes, jungle cats, sloth bears, wild pigs, hyenas, chinkara, etc. 

The Bandhavgarh safari takes place two times a day, a morning safari from about 10 AM and an evening safari from about 4 PM. Which is the best way for wildlife sightings as animal activity is high. 

There are four zones in the Bandhavgarh tiger reserve, and the best one for tiger sightings is the "Taala zone."

There are two different transportations to take safari – elephant safari and jeep safari. 

Jeep costs about Rs.7,500 for six people on weekdays- MON-FRI, and on SAT-SUN or festive days, it's about Rs. 8000. 


One can easily make bookings for a safari through the official website of Bandhavgarh national park, Find Your Safari, or through the booking counter at the park. 

The best hotels near the park are –

1. The tiger valley resort – The deluxe rooms here could cost you around 7,000/ per night occupying two adults. This property has a gorgeous garden view from your room's balconies, twin beds, and a swimming pool. The hotel is only 11 min away from the park.

2. Aranyak resort – A premium double occupancy cottage here would cost 6,500 per night for two adults.

It has two single beds, a mountain view, and a pool. The property is just 5 min. Far from the park.


Best hotels in Bandhavgarh: Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge, King’s Lodge

●   Kanha national park - This wonder of nature is situated among the two districts of Mandla and Balaghat. The park is one of the most popular wildlife destinations in India. It is famous for being part of some mythological stories from sacred Hindu texts. This wildlife safari park is known as the "Kanha tiger reserve." Being hugely renowned for its ferocious beauty – The Bengal Tigers. It hosts 22 mammal species, such as tigers, Indian jackals, dhole, leopards, etc. These are only a few Kanha national park animals; it has an immense variety to offer. 

'The Kanha national park safari' takes place twice daily- one in the morning and the other in the evening through every zone. The park has four core zones and four buffer zones. The safari for six members costs –Rs. 8,000/. The best-known zone for sightings is the Mukki zone.

The bookings can be made through the official booking website of the reserve or offline at the booking counter of the park. 

         Best hotels near the park- 

1.   Kanha jungle camp- Experience the luxury camping experience at this resort, with a swimming pool, free wifi, and mesmerizing landscape. A single suite will cost you approximately 8,190/ per night for two adults, and it is just 20 min away from the park.

2.   The Bagh Kanha- With an average expense of 8,300/night for two adults, it is another luxurious option for your stay. The hotel premises is only 20 min far from the reserve.


Hotels & resorts in Kanha: Kanha Jungle Lodge, Bagh Villas, Flame of the Forest

●   Satpura national park – Located in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh, this beautiful wildlife sanctuary accommodates rich flora and fauna. Satpura has abundant, diverse life forms like – Chinkara, mouse deer, giant squirrels, porcupines, wild boar, fox, hornbills, etc. The sanctuary can be seen blossoming with flora like – grasses, sal, bel, mahua, tendu, etc. 

Even the National Geographic channel considers it one of India's best wildlife spots to experience. 


The park hosts 2 Tiger safaris daily, the morning and evening safari. The safaris cost starts from 1,200/ for six people in one slot. It can be one of the best experiences for Tiger safaris in India. 

Though, the charges differ from route to route because several zones in the safari lead you to various sporting areas. 


The best options for stay can be – 

1.   The Satpura panchtatva villa – A beautiful villa among nature, is a perfect option for your stay, costing 5,500 per night with two guests. It also provides services like hiking trips and badminton courts. 

2.   Hotel Paradise – With many positive reviews and excellent ratings, this is a suitable option for your stay. The property offers some kid-friendly activities along with rejuvenating practices. The restaurant services are very leisurely and cost around 5,480 per night for two adults.


Luxury resorts in Satpura: Forsyth Jungle Lodge, Reni Pani Jungle Lodge, Bori Safari Lodge

●   Tadoba national park – Tadoba national park is among the oldest parks in Maharashtra; it stretches up to 150 km from Nagpur city. The National Park is known for a great variety of medicinal plants used in medical practices in Ayurveda and Allopathy. The animals found here are – Crocodiles, spotted deer, grey-headed fish eagles, peacocks, cobras, etc.

They have safari for the morning and the evening as well, with a stretch of 5 zones of the park. The jeep safari price is – 5,500 for six people, and you will be riding for four hours straight.

The best accommodations could be – 

1.   Jharna Resort, Tadoba - Costing 5,241/ per night basis, the hotel is well equipped with friendly staff, open space for a walk, and large rooms for the best comfort. Meals are included in the accommodation price, where you will find clean pools and sunbeds.

2. Tiger's heaven resort – The hotel offers neat rooms, flawless services, and even a private safari from the owner. Costing 3,920/ per night for 2 adults. 


Best resorts in Tadoba: Tadoba Jungle Camp, Waghoba Eco Lodge

●    Pench National Park – This park is unique to avid readers worldwide as it is to wildlife experts everywhere because it has roots in the famous literary work "THE JUNGLE BOOK" by Rudyard Kipling. It is embedded in its rich fertile soil and breathtaking sceneries, serving as the forest home of many mammals and bird species.  

Besides the Characters from the book Sher Khan – the tiger, Akela – the wolf, and Baloo, the bear, it also has animals like Jackals, peafowls, wild boars, wild dogs, monkeys, etc. 


The safari here takes place in two daily rounds, the morning and the evening safaris. The cost starts from Rs. 8,000 for six people jeep safaris. 

The best options for stays can be – 

1.   Olive Resorts and villas – The beautiful villa with a sea-green pool is a perfect stay for families, with safety measures. They charge 6,700 per night, which includes food. 


2.   The Pench international – The hotel has services like babysitting, a swimming pool, air conditioning, playgrounds, and free wifi. A single room costs you 7,500 per night for two people.  

Resorts in Pench: Pench Jungle Camp

Popularly known as the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh is a beautiful green State of incredible wildlife, abundant jungles, and vibrant cultures. Every wildlife creature that exists is a precious creation of God. They are safe and exist because of the fantastic maintenance and selfless care of flora and fauna by forest rangers, government officials, and native villagers. Our enthusiasm for wildlife and fascination for the unknown will help us sustain the resources and love for these parks. Who knew our vacations could lead to the conservation of life on the planet? Stay curious and caring, enjoy the best wildlife safaris in India, and have a happy wildlife vacation In Madhya Pradesh this year.