Luxury Honeymoon Safari in India

Top places to visit in India for honeymoon

Writer : Anupriya Sharma Published on : 07-Feb-2022

Honeymoons usually are best connected with romantic getaways, cosy retreats, and intimate love affairs. Hill stations like Manali, Ooty, Mount Abu are a few romantic hotspots people prefer for their honeymoon. India is an absolute wonderland that offers countless destinations to explore whenever and however. Right from beaches to jungles, our country is full of unmatched experiences one can avail any time. Luxury Honeymoon Safari is one lesser-known opportunity where you get to fantasize about adventure and love together. There are around 104 National Parks in India that are isolated from the urban settings, ideal for an experience full of tranquillity, love, thrill and learning. Close encounter with the predators of the jungle, never-ending towering trees, chirping of birds, and the natural fragrance that pierces your soul is what honeymoon safari beholds.

Discover a new side of honeymoon travel with some handpicked luxury resorts in India comprising love, thrill and peace. Take a private jeep safari and enjoy a romantic setup on your honeymoon.

Top places to visit in India for a honeymoon

- Gir National Park

Gir National Park is located in Gujarat and is the only home of the endangered Asiatic Lions in the World. Surrounded by dry scrubland, the place serves as a perfect habitat for many wildlife species such as jackals, leopards, hyenas, gaurs and more. Each year many visitors visit the park and have a great time in the wild. Some romantic resorts around the park aid in enjoying a romantic getaway. The Postcard Gir is one such luxury resort that allows you to have an amazing intimate time and is one of the best honeymoon places in India.

Suggested Resorts: The Postcard Gir

- Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is located in the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh and is amongst the best romantic honeymoon places in India. Famous majorly for its tiger sightings, Kanha National Park ensures an authentic safari experience along with a luxury stay. The park offers numerous romantic resorts that offer timeless luxury without forgetting the simplicity. Tourists can explore flora and fauna while enjoying a jeep safari at Kanha National Park.

Suggested Resorts: Kanha Jungle Lodge, Kanha Earth Lodge, Kanha Jungle Camp, Bagh Villas Jungle Camp & Spa, Flame of the Forest

- Tadoba National Park

Tadoba National Park is the oldest national park in Maharashtra covering an area of 625 sq. km. Far away from the urban setting, the park is famous amongst wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. Adorned with teak and bamboo trees, Tadoba National Park is one magical place full of beauty and wilderness. Once a reserve, the park accommodates many animal species including the royal Bengal tiger. One can also witness birds and reptile species when exploring the park. Tadoba Tiger Reserve offers one of the best safaris in India. The park also has some amazing stay options that cover both luxury and thrill. These accommodations are also having what it takes to become the best honeymoon destination in India.

Suggested Resorts: Tadoba Jungle Camp, Waghoba Eco Lodge

- Pench National Park

Having fame from history, Pench National Park is a wildlife marvel of the present time. Housed in the Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh, the park is an enchanting abode full of natural beauty and wild luxury. The beauty of Pench National Park has inspired one of the renowned characters, Mowgli, by Rudyard Kipling, as described in ‘The Jungle Book’ which is why it gained global recognition. The park shelters some mesmerising prey and predators such as the Royal Bengal Tiger, jackal, leopard, hyena, spotted deer, gaur, and more. Pench National Park maintains a perfect balance between rich wildlife and peace. The uncountable nearby accommodations take care of serenity without compromising on the luxury part. These places to stay in Pench are also the most romantic places in India that offer a memorable stay for couples, family, and solo travellers.

Suggested Resorts: Pench Tree Lodge, Pench Jungle Camp

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