How to Spend Four Days in Satpura National Park?

Satpura National Park Itinerary

Writer : Pranav Dave Published on : 02-May-2022

The things to do, when going to Satpura National Park in and around. 

The excitement grips us, the moment we know that an adventure lies ahead of us and that too in the wilderness of jungles. The season of wildlife vacation has already begun and this time more than ever, people are planning their trips to wildlife sanctuaries with friends, solo or with family. Well, this blog is for wildlife enthusiasts or for the first-timers who are planning to visit Satpura National Park very soon. It will cover your journey to the Satpura tiger reserve for 4 days including a landing and departure itinerary

Satpura National Park is in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh, amidst the scenic range of Satpura mountain range. 

Day 1-Arriving at the Lodge Facility 

The first day will be marked by your attendance at the safari lodge facility, where you will rest for some time in your high ceiling beautiful rooms. Then you should probably head out for the Safari because it will be good if you take safari tours on all days because you never know when you are going to spot wild creatures. 

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Day 2- At Satpura National Park 

The next day marks the important Safari tours of the buffer area and into the dense forest for proper sightings of tigers or a bunch of other wildlife sightseeing. Satpura jungles are rich in Sal and teak canopies that crowd the major areas, creating a beautiful landscape from the top. 

Hire a gypsy for a personal safari experience when moving through the dense jungle of Satpura. Take the entire day for Safari, as you will be taken on a morning and then late afternoon safari as well, which will resume till late evening. Once you get to experience these journeys, you will realize that these might be the best memories you have. 

Come back to your luxury rooms, take a bath and have a quiet and peaceful dinner in the backyard of the jungle, overhearing all kinds of voices, such as the rustling of leaves, howling of beasts and hearing water streams. 

Day 3 – Safari and Nearby Places 

You can divide the day between safari and visiting nearby places and it is advised to go for Safari in the first half and then in the afternoon, head for the nearby places. 

 To your surprise, there are loads of places to visit around the Satpura tiger reserve. The culture around the national park alone is a dear sight to capture. The locals are very friendly and always respect the visitors. 

You can start with Bee falls, which is in the Panchmadhi area, directly connected to Satpura National Park. It is merely 45 minutes ride to Panchmadhi and then you can enjoy the beautiful Bee falls. 

Second, you can take is the caves of 5 Pandavas which holds significance in Hindu mythology. As this place is also in proximity to the Panchmadhi area. The government has also developed a huge garden at the foot of the caves, so you can sit and relax as well. 

This would be enough to make you tired and sleepy, so head straight to the resort and enjoy the rest of the evening in good company. 

Day 4- Morning Safari and Dhupgarh Top

The fourth day shall be started with a wide expanded gypsy safari into the unknown expedition of Satpura tiger reserve, crossing the river streams and shallow ravines of forests. Come and grab the breakfast because you have a task to climb the highest peak of Madhya Pradesh, located at Satpura mountain range. 

Dhupgarh is also famous for Sunrise and Sunset points because of the altitude, nothing comes in the way of you and the sun, it’s just pure tranquillity and serene, picturesque views. You shall be lucky enough to witness the most incredible sunset of your life. Take your time and if you want to explore something else, you shall explore the local market, you will find loads of things to remember your trip by. 

Day 5 – Heading Home, Bye Satpura National Park!

The last day marks an early morning pool dive in and then a healthy breakfast. The taxi hired by you shall see you off to the nearest airport or railway station. 

Once you leave the Satpura National Park, you would find yourself lost in the thoughts of leaving and entering the park, because nothing compares to the wild beauty and attraction of nature. Wilderness is the elemental instinct of humankind and yet we fight it. 

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