How to Make a Promising Career as a Naturalist in India?

How to become a Naturalist in India?

Writer : Pranav Dave Published on : 22-Jun-2022

Make your career as a Naturalist and yield your life for exploring the plethora of wilderness around the globe.

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In the wave of conservation around the world, Naturalist is the most sought-after job these days. The naturalist is not only a profession but a passion worth pursuing to fulfil your love for nature and everything that connects through it. As the human race is progressing towards the future the climatic conditions are becoming more vulnerable around the globe, and the reason for that is turbulence in the balance of the environment. 

Naturalists are principally the wildlife enthusiasts who prefer their overpowering love for nature and the animals through living and working in their habitat. Let’s understand more profoundly in this blog about Naturalists. 

Who is a Naturalist?

A Naturalist is a primitive human being with a deep passion for wildlife, animals, nature conservation, telling people about the secrets of wildlife, etc. Indian wildlife has come very far when it comes to recruitment of a naturalist because unlike in the past we have people with a hard interest in pursuing naturalism in Indian National Parks, especially youth. They have a knack for biosphere, flora, and fauna, that’s how they keep themselves motivated in and out of the field. 

Every National Park or Tiger reserve has premium safari lodges and hotels that recruit these naturalists for their clients, who come to visit parks. The sole duty of a Naturalist is to assist the guests in wildlife safari and keep their interest intact during the field trip by engaging them in very important facts about animals they come across, informing them about all the species of plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees or by indulging them into local folklore or a thrilling wildlife story. 

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The work of a Naturalist includes: 

More or less, the work of a Naturalist revolves around the guests and their interests in the wildlife and also making their journey worthwhile in the park by assisting them in their entire course of stay. The daily work of a Naturalist includes:

  1. Keep the daily schedule of your guests in check to make their safari smooth. 
  2. Knowing the interests of your guests to initiate a key to a healthy conversation. 
  3. Ability to communicate with everyone by engaging them in fascinating details of nature and wilderness. 
  4. Knowing all the best spots for splendid views of nature and animals. 
  5. Retain their interest in the safari, while going through all the important parts of the reserve. 
  6. Details about the species of animals, plants, and hilly areas. 
  7. Expert in spotting animals. 
  8. Expert in handling unpredictable situations for the guests and entertaining their requests. 
  9. Organizing a museum visit for the guests. 
  10. A small documentary film at the lodge to engage them completely in aspects of wildlife. 
  11. Making the guests familiar with the rules and regulations of National Parks

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How to become a Naturalist? 

Unlike in western developed countries, there is no professional degree or course for becoming a Naturalist in India. Hence, you can become a Naturalist by going through a training course or a training program with different wildlife organizations in the field. 

The journey of becoming a Naturalist in India is self-prepared and self-trained from the very initial days as it requires a dedication to living a primitive life in a jungle rather than an apartment in the city. It requires a serious passion for wildlife and knowing the jungles inside and out, where you will be working all your life. The hustle for a naturalist starts in your mind and continues in your heart by following every bit of your surroundings and interpreting it for the people to make them acquainted with the wilderness. 

You can become a Naturalist regardless of your educational background as it is the work of passion and self-interest. To kickstart your career as Naturalist, you shall:

  1. Develop a keen interest in knowing various wildlife species and their behaviour. 
  2. Dwell yourself into the study of flora and fauna of jungles. 
  3. Develop your communication skills and work on engaging guests with intriguing details of the wild. 
  4. Details about the workings of a national park and how it operates in the interest of preserving wildlife. 
  5. Make yourself available for research on any new or unknown species of animals or plants. 
  6. Well-trained in driving. 
  7. Must be able to handle thrifty and challenging situations in the jungle with a calm mind. 
  8. Must know in and out of the jungle in which you are employed as a Naturalist. 
  9. A keen handle on the preservation and conservation of wildlife species and pollution. 

A budding Naturalist shall be following the internships with on-field institutes and wildlife ventures for exposure in the field. Also, if you want to work with high-level government organizations or private agro companies, or Wildlife Parks then you must pursue research or apply for government positions in the National Parks. 

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Perks of being a Naturalist

A Naturalist constantly lives among nature and develops a connection with it. Also, being a Naturalist, you come across several guests from different regions of the nation to have a conversation that always meant something to you. Though the biggest perk of being a Naturalist is, a “lifetime wildlife safari without the expense of safari rides, food or accommodation”. It is very awesome as it sounds. After some time, you get to train new naturalists with your experience at hand. 

Institutes to pursue training for Naturalist

Some organizations in India have been training interested candidates to become expert Naturalists on the field for quite some time now through their training courses. 

Some Institutes which offer the training are:


How much Salary does a Naturalist receive?

There is no fixed bar for the salary of a Naturalist as there are several other designations that come under naturalist. 

The average wildlife naturalist's gross salary in India is ₹7,92,781. In addition, they earn an average bonus of ₹16,490. Salary estimates are based on salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees in India. An entry-level wildlife naturalist (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of ₹5,74,906. On the other end, a senior-level wildlife naturalist (8+ years of experience) earns an average salary of ₹9,94,211. (Source: Salary expert) 

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