Hot-Air Balloon Wildlife Safari in India

Where to go for Hot Air Balloon Safari in India?

Writer : Pranav Dave Published on : 12-Apr-2022

In search of hot-air balloon safaris across India

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This was more of an epiphany than a realization that what shall be my next wild adventure? I pondered very hard, and I concluded that the Hot-air balloon Safari is still undermined and very scarce in Indian wildlife. The surprising element is that I have never been to any Hot Balloon Safari either, so this gives me a reason to explore wildlife with a hot-air balloon. 
Now, as always, I was lost that where shall I start my journey and where do I end it, the more I waited to plan my itinerary, the more I started to lose the way. It was then that it occurred to me, to call and get it done because they are the one who always knows what to do. 
The agent from contacted me and informed me that only Bandhavgarh National Park has the hot air balloon safari. They booked me a short trip to Bandhavgarh and before I know I was already on the road. 

Hot-Air Balloon Safari at Bandhavgarh National Park 
Bandhavgarh is the mecca of wildlife hippies and every year hoards of tourists come to visit Bandhavgarh. It was my second visit to Bandhavgarh, and I was more enthusiastic than earlier. 

Day 1 – Check-in at Jungle Safari Lodge 
On the first day, I checked into the hotel and halted for the day because I just wanted to extend my journey a little bit more. As I went to the reservation area, I found a pamphlet with the advertising for “hot Air Balloon”, and it thrilled me. 
Did you Know?
Bandhavgarh National Park is the first reserve to launch a Hot air balloon in India. It was commenced in January 2021 by Sky waltz Ballooning company. It is now the major attraction for tourists all over India. 

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Day 2 – The time for Hot Air Balloon Safari 
I had already booked myself a safari with 8 other people because for me it would have been way too costly. Either way, the view was uncompromised and unimaginable. 
I reached the spot exactly at 6 am to not miss anything. Other people also showed up and the balloon started puffing the balloon. In the meantime, I started clicking some photographs and introduced myself to the other people. 
The balloon operator gave us some serious instructions before mounting us in the balloon basket and we were good to go. It was the buffer zone where the balloon was operational because most of the wildlife sightings are active in this region only, such as Bengal Tigers, Leopards, sloths, deer, and more. 
My heart was thudding like a hammer on the wall when it took a flight and within minutes we were above the canopies of dense forest, facing the unending horizon. This was the moment I realized that I made no mistake with this decision. The flight was scheduled for 60-75 minutes, which would take us from the core buffer zone to the outer buffer zone where our cars will be ready to pick us up. 

Morning Hot air balloon safari became a majestical and unforgettable experience of my life because you could feel the adventure from the sky. For some time, I even forgot to click pictures. We covered a huge area of the Bandhavgarh Forest and were able to spot several wildlife species and their hideouts. Throughout the journey, I just wished that this safari shall never end. Though, money runs out eventually and so does the time it buys. I stepped down with the best of the experience and sat in the car to move towards the hotel. 
I went straight to the room and packed my bags, and freshened up so I could be on time for breakfast. The fun and thrill of the balloon exhausted me, so I had to refill it with a healthy breakfast. I checked out and went straight to the Bhopal airport to return home. 

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