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5-star Lodges in India

Writer : Anupriya Sharma Published on : 02-Feb-2022

India offers some unforgettable wildlife experiences in the form of luxurious lodges. A remarkable number of them are explicitly dedicated to eco-tourism and conservation. Here is a round-up of some exquisite lodges across India, promising the best of wildlife safari discoveries. 

King’s Lodge

King’s Lodge Bandhavgarh is a paradise for nature lovers. Located between two hills within Bandhavgarh National Park, the lodge presents to you the best of views and vibe. The property covers an area of 14 acres and has 18 cottages each having a separate verandah. The regal ambience with spacious interiors, modern amenities makes it more compelling for tourists. Bandhavgarh used to be the hunting grounds of Maharajas of Rewa. Continuing the royal theme, King’s Lodge has a high watchtower for uninterrupted views of the forest and wildlife. The property also has a well-equipped spa facility, taking care of the guests in every way possible. 

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Kanha Earth Lodge

Kanha National Park is one of the popular national parks in India. The park is famous not only for its flora and fauna but even the type of unique accommodations it offers. One such extravagant property is Kanha Earth Lodge. It is situated near Kanha’s buffer zone with a total area of 16 acres. The proximity to Kanha National Park is one of its USP’s. With the idea of offering an authentic wilderness experience to travellers, the lodge has strategically picked its location, far from an urban setting and close to nature. Kanha Earth Lodge has 12 luxury bungalows with separate spacious open verandahs. Inspired by the Gond Tribal Architecture, the abode is built in a way that has low impact accommodations and is environmentally sensitive. 

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Kanha Jungle Lodge

Amidst the magnanimity of Kanha Jungle stand tall a lodge that has completely changed the definition of luxury. Kanha Jungle Lodge is situated in proximity to the mukki gate of Kanha National Park and has introduced people to peace and calmness as the new luxury. The usual day at the lodge starts with a fine mist, chirping of birds, natural fragrance of trees, bright blue sky, and soothing sunlight. With the commitment to support local people around Kanha National Park by generating employment opportunities and aiding in the education of kids, the family continues to prove why every life matters in the true sense. Taking a break from your daily hassle and immersing in the rawness of nature is what Kanha Jungle Lodge promises.

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Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge

Extending a warm welcome with just positivity, Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge never disappoints its guests. An 18-rooms lodge built by the Sankhala’s, the property is famous amongst forest lovers and conservationists. The lodge is eco-conscious and the atmosphere is full of the scent of lemongrass. The architecture is inspired by traditional village style homes which is why it is famous amongst travellers. Guests can enjoy various activities such as nature walks, village safari, culinary classes and more. Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge presents to you a luxurious and relaxing getaway.

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Forsyth Jungle Lodge

Located at the edge of Satpura Tiger Reserve, this beautiful boutique wildlife lodge is one of its kind. It is spread in an area of 44 acres, consisting of 12 independent cottages. The strategic location of the lodge aids in enjoying the vistas of the hills while the individual cottages open up opportunities to the splendid landscapes. The entire property is built in an ecological and responsible manner paving way for sustainability. Modern architecture goes in sync with the temperature variations during summers and winters. Surely, the tag of Forsyth being one of the best hotels in Satpura National Park is difficult to compete with. Highly recommended for a staycation in Satpura Tiger Reserve.

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Reni-Pani Jungle Lodge

An exquisitely designed wildlife and conservation dedicated lodge, located in proximity to Satpura Tiger Reserve. If the green colour doesn't bother you much, then Reni-Pani Jungle Lodge can be one of the best places to stay in Satpura National Park. Stretched in an area of 30 acres, the place is a complete package in itself. Whether it be forests or a cosy room, the lodge knows its people. The property showcases 12 luxury cottages with different architectural amusements. It is a perfect replica of how luxury can emerge from the basics. Enjoy a perfect retreat with the top hotels of Satpura National Park.

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Bori Safari Lodge

Bori Safari Lodge is an experience and not just a stay. A village lifestyle with the contemporary comfort of a traveller, Bori Safari Lodge has 8 beautifully designed rooms with modern facilities, a dining space, spa, a pool and most importantly high speedy wifi. The lodge is located a few kilometres from the park gate of Bori Wildlife Sanctuary, a nearby tourist attraction. Guests can enjoy eco-tourism activities, village walks, interaction with local people near surrounding villages. Discover a rustic way of life with Bori Safari Lodge in Madhya Pradesh.

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Flame of the Forest Safari Lodge

Breaking the barriers of Indian Wildlife Getaways, Flame of the Forest Safari Lodge is a pioneer of an ideal fairytale in the wild. It is an intimate boutique near Kanha National Park that offers an ultimate safari experience. All the cottages have separate courtyards and verandahs, vacating rooms for peace and creativity to move in. Built-in the vernacular style of Central India, the property showcases high-end comfort, calmness and luxury. All the furniture is handpicked and the interiors are strategically designed, keeping in mind the earthy vibe. Flame of the Forest offers guests a holistic and healing environment which is why it has an inviting aura.

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Accommodation can definitely change the way you stay on your holiday. So, why not pick from some of the rarest and glamorous lodges across India? These elite handpicked lodges don’t let you sacrifice your comfort while offering luxury. Planning a trip to a wildlife destination and not sure which accommodation serves your needs? Let us know and we will be happy to help!

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