Best Luxury Jungle Camps In Kanha National Park

Luxury resorts in Kanha National Park

Writer : Anupriya Sharma Published on : 21-Jan-2022

Just like how every journey is a new experience similarly with every visit to Madhya Pradesh is a new experience. Renowned as the 'Heart of India', Madhya Pradesh can officially be called the tourist's capital state. Right from a vast reserve of nature to history, the state has it covered. It is often observed that tourism is limited to mostly visiting forts, temples or a local market. But with Madhya Pradesh, tourism has a different meaning. Travellers enjoy exploring the hidden gems like the people behind the art, the history behind a structure, present rulers of various places as well as the future of the state in nutshell. That's the beauty of Madhya Pradesh. People indulge in past, present and future in one place. 

What is a Jungle Camp?

Cocooned amongst the trees and living on the rhythm of the forest is primal about going to jungle camps for a stay. It’s an escape to reality and is evergreen. A jungle camp is a type of accommodation that offers adventurous activities with a camping facility. Imagine a night full of cold chills, a bonfire, good company and unlimited stories to share. This is a small replica of what jungle camps offer. Here is a list of some of the best Jungle Camps that serve you with the best of views, vibe and stay.

Kanha Jungle Camp

The jungles of Kanha is famous for their wide range of fauna and photogenic natural beauty. A safari at Kanha National Park is something to add to your bucket list for 2022. Kanha Jungle Camp is one of the best resorts in Kanha National Park that offers a tranquil stay. Entering the property with inhaling the freshness of nature and absorbing the serenity of the jungle your way ahead is a daily affair at the camp. It is spread in 40 acres of land and is not restricted to any travel category whether it be family, solo or just a couple. The property is spacious and well equipped with the latest amenities. The decor is nature-inspired yet is absolutely luxurious. The spa facility at the resort helps in making Kanha Jungle Camp the best couple-friendly hotel in MP. It is not surprising to wonder what this beautiful abode can bring out in terms of a destination wedding in Madhya Pradesh. 

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Bagh Villas Jungle Camp & Spa

Bagh Villas Kanha is a 5-star resort near Kanha National Park that fits perfectly between adventure and luxury. The resort has 12 luxury tents with individual verandahs, perfect for immersing oneself in natural surroundings. Freshness flows right from the entrance covering the entire property including the kitchen. Bagh Villas owns an organic garden which is why one can expect only fresh meals during the stay. Guests can also experience biking trails charted out for beginners as well as professionals. The village safari is also something that excites the tourists whilst their stay at Bagh Villas, Kanha National Park. 

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Want to get close to Nature? There is no way better than vacationing in the jungles and especially in Jungle Camps. These absolute wonderlands are an authentic luxury in disguise as a simple accommodation. Plan your next trip to a wildlife destination with us!


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