3 Best places to visit in India during April 2022 for wildlife

National Parks to visit in April

Writer : Pranav Dave Published on : 30-Mar-2022

The time when you start noticing fewer people on the streets during the day and more people at night, you know for sure, summer is here. Also, it is the same time of the year when an urge arises within you to devour the “cool holiday destinations in India” and you come up with the same old boring places in India with a phrase, “Bro, let’s do a trip to Kasol and Manali, I would love some cold air and peace for sure.” Let’s agree to the fact that now even the names of such vacation ideas are boring and make you want to kill yourself because you don’t know how to acquire travel inspiration.

What if we tell you that there are exactly the 3 best places to visit in India, where you can have more fun than any other Himachali place? (Abba nahi maanengey to bhi chalega)

This blog covers tourist places in India for you to explore with friends and family, in India.

Kanha National Park

Set in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh, it is a majestic natural place for exploring wilderness and wildlife at its best. The Kanha national park flourishes at this time of the year because you get to see the exclusive “Barasingha” only at Kanha national park. This place is also called the “Land of Mowgli” as the famous mythic character belongs to these jungles. (Yes, Mowgli is not a real character, now get over it)

Ways to reach Kanha National Park

  • By Air: Flight to the nearest Jabalpur airport and then catch a bus or local taxi to Mandla which is 174 km
  • By Train: Train from your city to Gondia railway station or Jabalpur Railway station – 145 km and then catch a bus or local taxi to Mandla

Major Attractions: Everything you can do, that you could do in Himachal

  • Take a safari deep into the woods of Kanha National Park and immerse yourself in the ecstasy of the wild.
  • Experience a breath-taking sunset from Bamni Dadar, 275m above Kanha.
  • Visit the Kanha Wildlife Museum, which is a milestone for wildlife lovers.
  • Shop for local handicraft articles, which are world-famous as well.
  • Finally, besiege yourself in the tranquillity of Teerthraj, Amarkantak.

Satpura National Park

Situated on the banks of Narmada is Hoshangabad, newly named Narmadapuram (Duh! Name changing is new normal), in Madhya Pradesh is the manifest of “Lust of Wild”. Also known as the Satpura Tiger reserve, is famous for Pandav caves and Bee waterfalls. Simply, amazing for all the wildlife lovers out there.

Ways to reach Satpura National Park Easily

  • By Air: Take a flight to the Bhopal Airport, which is nearest to the national park. Then probably you can hire a taxi or use local transport to the Mahai Gate.
  • By Train: train to Itarsi Railway station, which is only 70 km from Madhai Gate.

Major Attractions: Everything you can do, that you could have done at any other place  

  • Elephant safari is another marvellous option to consider while exploring the forest, feeling chivalric.
  • Cave a way for Pandavas caves, which will give you goosebumps.
  • Another majestic place is the Bee waterfall, the best-known attraction to tourists.
  • Dhoopgarh sunset and sunrise point, as it is the highest point of Satpura national park.

Tadoba National Park

Tadoba word comes from the word “Taru” which means trees. It is one of the resource-rich national parks of India, including 2 lakes and 1 river which fills up in the monsoon. Established in 1955, it is also called “Tadoba Andhari Tiger reserve”, which is one of the oldest in Maharashtra.

Ways to reach Tadoba National Park

  • By Air: The nearest airport is Nagpur airport-approximately 140 km
  • By Train: The nearest railway station is Chandrapur railway station- approximately 45kms
  • By Road: Buses to Chandrapur or chimur and then local taxi to the park.                                                                                                                        

Major Attractions: Everything you should do, that you couldn’t do anywhere

  • The exploration of Tadoba Andhari Tiger reserve itself through jeep Safari.
  • Visit Moharli village, to experience a magnificent lake and sunrise.
  • Get lost in the peace of Tadoba Lake.                                               
  • Erai dam could be the next on your list to explore, as it is simply beautiful.